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I specialize in sports sales, specifically minor league baseball. I am currently with the Lancaster Barnstormers of the Atlantic League. With five years of experience in the industry I have a proven record in event planning, corporate outings, fundraising and entertainment as an On-Field Host.

Over the years, I have applied and been approached by several professional baseball teams to fill roles in their organizations. While I am and will always be flattered by every position I have been offered, I have yet to leave my current gig with the Barnstormers.

Here is what I have noticed over the years – there is absolutely no information or helpful advice on the internet for those who wish to work in the baseball industry. Sure, we can all apply for jobs on TeamWork Online or PBEO, but other than that, nothing.

There are over 250 professional and collegiate summer leagues that have full time front office employees or credited interns. The work is there, the information on how to succeed is not.

This website is the solution. -Visit Baseball Desk – HERE

Alex Einhorn
Founder- Baseball Desk